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Infrastructure is an integral part of the social development. Investment in this field is one of the core businesses of the Group.  The Group has imported over 100 units of branded European tower cranes and related equipment in early years. The Group has specialized in providing machinery and equipment for various industries such as mining industry. Business has further been extended to pipeline technology project and conditional assessment and monitoring scope in recent years, by providing the best possible solutions to the customers, continuing to contribute in the infrastructure area.

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Eco-conservation is a hot topic in recent years. Since 2007, as one of the long term business development focuses of the enterprise, the Group has engaged in environmental related business.  Balama Prima engages in the field of energy-saving emission reduction, including renewable energy generation and clean coal technology. The Group also engages in other renewable energy projects such as solar power and biomass energy.

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Agricultural Technology

Apart from infrastructure and eco-conservation, the Group also engages in agricultural-related business, mainly includes the provision of agricultural equipment and engagement in biomass energy projects. And irrigation field is another business development plan for coming future. The Group provides general agricultural equipment, such as baler, rake and mower; and actively engages in providing comprehensive solutions on biomass pellet processing system (including the provision of biomass grinder, pellet mill and automated biomass boiler).

Energy Services

ESCO is a new energy saving mechanism, and emerging energy saving industry. The Group delivers sustainable energy solutions that foster growth to emerging economies. It engages in energy service, to provide energy saving technological transformation and service programs to the customers. We aim to capture significant returns from an optimal application of the symbiotic relationship between energy supply and economic development in areas of high expansion potential.

Biomass Energy Project

Biomass has a huge amount of resources which are renewable and friendly to the environment. It is a suitable energy source for future demand. Biomass may include agricultural waste, branches, bark, roots, tree stumps, waste wood, straws and forestry waste, which all need reasonable processing. BP-Group specialises in biomass pellet processing product line development. It provides customers with a full set of services of biomass pellet processing as a comprehensive solution, includes raw material pulverising, drying, sieving, pelleting, cooling, packaging and other aspects of the collection.

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